"I received a Groupon deal for women’s boxing classes at Undisputed Sports Training in Hanover, Ma. and decided to sign up.  On the first day that I met the owner, Stephen, I immediately wanted to work with him on a more personal level.  I was headed for a vacation in St. John in March and could not believe I actually had to get back into my bikini so soon.  I was still in my winter blues/holiday weight gain mode.  So I started his 5-week weight loss challenge.  In 5 weeks, I lost 8 pounds and toned my body.  This challenge is awesome!  It is designed for all levels of fitness and Stephen was fantastic at pushing me to my healthy limits.  He also offered up great advice to help me reach my goals. I would strongly recommend this program for anyone willing to work hard for 5 weeks because it was a great way to drop those extra pounds and feel good about YOU!!  I was extremely happy with my results."---Christina, Halifax

"I had tried many times over the years to  "get back into shape," at a variety of different gyms and failed. But after my first boxing class at Undisputed Sports Training, I was hooked and I immediately signed up for the 5 Week Weight Loss Challenge. Since then, I have kept up with the boxing classes and personal training with Stephen. I've lost 25lbs and I'm on my way to a level of fitness that I haven't enjoyed since I was a college athlete. For the first time in so long, I can honestly say, "I feel great." Just like everybody else, I know what it means to be busy - I'm a wife, a mother of two and I run my own business. And yet, now I MAKE time for my workouts because the boxing classes are fun, the personal training sessions are awesome and I've even made some friends along the way. It's a welcoming and unique place that I recommend to everyone I know."---Lindsey, Hull 
"Ever since I had kids, I have been carrying around all of this extra weight and feeling..well, pretty much like crap most of the time, if you really want to know the truth. But I feel better right now than I have in a long, LONG time. Better than before I had kids." ---Lisa, Hull


"Undisputed Sports Training provides a rigorous customized workout, which provides the edge I needed to get faster, tougher and to last longer than any opponent I see on the field. With Undisputed Sports Training, I've never felt better while playing my sport. With the workouts varying, my body was always adjusting and working. And, with a flexible workout schedule, Undisputed Sports Training always gives you a chance to be stronger and quicker than you were before. I would strongly recommend Undisputed Sports Training to any athlete looking to further his game or to any person looking to get in shape. Since prices are better than any competitor Undisputed Sports Training gives all athletes to look the best on the field, court, or rink."
---Steve, Whitman, Soccer Player


"I started boxing at Undisputed Sports in October of 2012. I was immediately hooked. As a former personal trainer, spin and pilates instructor I was seeking a good workout, and something different and fun. The women's boxing class is just that. It is one of the best workouts I have ever experienced. You leave feeling so upbeat, having had a great workout and also having a lot of fun. I've met some awesome new friends too. Everyone is supportive and kind to each other. Stephen is a great instructor, very encouraging and funny without being overbearing and scary. He instructs each class for all fitness levels, making everyone feel completely comfortable. I've lost 5 pounds, become stronger than ever and shaved one full minute off my mile running pace. Boxing has become my favorite exercise ever. I HIGHLY recommend giving it a try!"  ---Julianne, Hanover

"The Women's Boxing Class at Undisputed Sports Training is always the best workout of my week. Where else can you sweat, laugh and get out some of your aggression on a heavy bag? I wouldn't miss it!" ---Laura, Hanover

"The women’s boxing class at Undisputed Sports Training is a dynamic class in a relaxed environment. It’s a very fun class where you will never get bored. This is a challenging work out that still gives you the ability to go at your own pace – you get out what you put in. I love that the class size is limited and open to all levels so that you never feel uncomfortable and the atmosphere is very friendly. Stephen is an excellent instructor. You’ll learn that jumping rope isn’t as easy at is used to be, and you will leave this class feeling empowered. It’s a great way to release the stresses of the day! The pay as you go option works perfectly for busy moms whose schedules are ever-changing." ---Elaine, Hanover

"I'm 60yr old & have had both knees replaced. I saw "Women's Boxing Lessons" offered on South Shore Local & figured why not?! It's a great cardio alternative, fun & energizing! All ages & fitness levels can participate. Try it out, it's a blast! Bad day at work or home- great stress release!" ---Kay, Braintree

"I've been going to the ladies boxing class at Undisputed Sports Training for almost a year now.  It is quite an accomplishment for me since I have quit every other program I've joined within a month.  This gym is a place you can go to and be both encouraged and challenged without judgement by a great trainer and new friends."---K, Pembroke